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Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch- Grade 3

With an objective of spreading awareness and educating children about good and bad touch, Gitanjali Devashray conducted a series of workshops for the students of grade 3 on the topic, ‘Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch. ’

The workshop conducted by the in-house counsellor Mrs Srivalli was basically to sensitize and equip the children, so that they can ward off any  ‘not so positive events’ in life. The goal of the interaction was to inform them about potentially dangerous situations, without causing any anxiety.
The interactive workshop covered aspects like :- safe, unsafe touch, and unwanted touch and What if scenarios and dwelled on the urgent need to empower young children to report any abuse, apprehension or fear that they may have, to their parents and selected adults they feel comfortable at home or in school.

The series also covered the topic of personal space, and the message of "Your body is yours" was reiterated to the students. The students were told ways they can take care of themselves, and also respect their and other people's boundaries.

The students understood the concept about safe/unsafe touch which was explained to them in a play way method with the help of a power point.

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