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Visit to Oldage Home and NGO School

Gitanjali Devashray always believes 'Benevolence' and steers it as a Charity. A strong belief that, Charity begins at Home and school being a Second Home, values are practised. Students of all grades generously contributed in all ways they could. The contribution reached an OLD AGE HOME, in Nagole, Hyderabad. Every inmate received a Christmas hamper. It included food items, toiletries and a lot more. Oils, lotions, powders soaps were profusely donated. This was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony.
Another HOME..the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR, Secunderabad, was also visited. This charity included food items and essentials. An underprivileged school, LITTLE HEARTS SCHOOL students were also gifted with Lunch boxes, Stationery and Candies.
Devashray Principal along with her Staff and students interacted with the elders and young
ones. Every place, Christmas jingles were sung and memorable moments shared with them.
Devashray family returned with a satiated spirit. Back in school, Devashray's grade four
employees were thanked for their support, as a gesture of charity.
"Charity begins at home". This belief has been executed from school, the second home.
This initiative has rung in the spirit of festivity, in a deep measure.

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