About Us

The Gitanjali Group of Schools was founded in 1985 by Mr. Uma Karan and Dr. Gita Karan. Dr. Gita Karan has been an educator with over 50 years of experience and is a recipient of the National Award for Best Teacher by our then President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Under her leadership, the school has continued to innovate in teaching methodology and cultivate life long learning within our student and teacher community. Dr. Gita Karan even today provides personal attention to oversee the progress of each child enrolled in Gitanjali.

Our award winning schools have grown rapidly and are considered among the most prestigious schools in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The curriculum is rich, the standard is high, and the number of students in each class is restricted. Our schools are committed to a smaller student population with available square footage per child on par with large international schools offering personalized teaching and more participation opportunities. The medium of instruction is English.

We regard education as a building process. We have a proper plan, a system for efficient implementation of the plan, for checking/follow up and for corrective action when things go wrong. Once the students are with us, we follow them up until they succeed. That explains why there has been not a single failure in these 40 years. Academic results are excellent not because we are selective but because our teaching is methodical, comprehensive and well planned. We encourage children to achieve their maximum potential. Teachers and students share a close rapport because of the limited numbers in each class. Our leadership monitors the progress of each child.
In addition to recognition of our founder, Gitanjali Schools have been consistently ranked year after year among the top day schools in India by Education World magazine, Education Today, Times of India, Outlook Magazine, Brainfeed Magazine, Careers 360, School Brilliance and Digital Learning magazine among others. 


Core Values

  • Excellence: A commitment to providing high-quality education and striving for excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.
  • Integrity: Encouraging honesty, ethics, and moral values among students and staff.
  • Respect: Promoting respect for oneself and others, regardless of differences in background, beliefs, or abilities.
  • Responsibility: Teaching students to take responsibility for their actions and choices, both academically and socially.

Our Vision

The School endeavours to prepare each student for academic, social and personal success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare children for future success in a supportive and engaging environment by -
• Upholding high standards of ethical, moral and civic conduct.
• Nurturing academic excellence and life skills through reflection for self-growth.
• Fostering leadership qualities by encouraging confidence, cooperation and team work.
• Developing curiosity, creativity and empathy via activities and community work.
• Understanding people of global communities towards an appreciation of differences as well as similarities.