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    Enquiry forms will be issued as per the dates below. Please note enquiry forms will only be issued for classes where there is availability. 

    Gitanjali Devashray (CBSE), Clocktower, Secunderabad - Enquiry Forms for Classes Nursery to Class X are available online starting November 15th. 

    We welcome admissions for boys and girls irrespective of caste, creed or community. Children are admitted as day scholars. The minimum age for admission to Nursery is 2.5 years and above in June, for PPI it is 3.5 years and above in June, for PPII it is 4.5 years, for class 1 it is 5.5 years, for class 2 it is 6.5 years and so on.
    Prospective parents must register the name of their child by filling out an Inquiry Form. Registration, however does not guarantee admission. Please note inquiry forms will only be issued for classes where there is availability.

    Admissions are given on a first come first serve basis depending on availability of seats in any class. Registration / Inquiry Forms for admission may be obtained from the School Office. Prospective parents must submit the Birth Certificate / Transfer Certificate / AADHAR, or any indisputable evidence of the Date of Birth and the last examination report. 
    Once a child is admitted, there will be no Transfer from one Gitanjali School to another. 

    While we consider imitation as a form of flattery, we ask you to please verify the school name spelling when you visit us, as some schools use a similar name as ours.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the eligibility criteria for admission?
    Children may be admitted into Nursery if they have completed 2.5 years of age and Class I if they have completed 5.5 years of age and so on.
    Admission enquiry forms are issued starting on a fixed date every year on a first come first serve basis.
    Please note that admission enquiry forms are issued only for classes where there is a vacancy and will not be issued for classes that are full.

    What is the deadline for admissions?
    Since we receive many more applications for admission than the number of students we are able to admit, we close our admissions when our available openings are filled.  

    When was the school established?
    Gitanjali Primary School was founded in April 1985 at Begumpet Hyderabad and houses Nursery to VI. Gitanjali Senior School at Begumpet was opened in June 1990 for Classes VII to XII. Gitanjali Devshala at Sappers Lines, Secunderabad was inaugurated in June 1997. In response to the demand for high standards of education in the CBSE curriculum, Gitanjali Devashray was started in June 2003 at S.D. Road, Secunderabad. Gitanjali Devakul in Kukatpally, Hyderabad is our newest campus started in 2014.
    Who are the founders/s and a brief history of the school.
    The Gitanjali Group of Schools was founded by Mr. Uma Karan and Mrs. Gita Karan. Mr. Uma Karan, our Chairman, was a pioneer in the field of construction in Hyderabad. Mrs. Gita Karan has been an educator for over 40 years and is the Director of Gitanjali Group of Schools. Together they are the founding team under whose leadership the Gitanjali Group of Schools has grown from strength to strength from a school with 500 students to 5 campuses with over 5000 students. Gitanjali’s journey forward has been steady and consistent. Under Mrs. Karan’s guidance, the school has continued to innovate in teaching methodology and cultivate lifelong learning within our student and teacher community. Mrs. Karan today provides personal attention to monitor the progress of each child enrolled in a Gitanjali School.
    What is the objective or mission of the school?
    Gitanjali School aims at developing the total personality of every child in our care, to make each child a better citizen of tomorrow by instilling qualities of leadership, respect for Indian culture and responsibility towards society.  Our goal is to inculcate values that motivate children to reach their self-potential through achievement and are committed to life-long learning and community service.
    The school endeavors to prepare each student for academic, social and personal success. Our mission is to prepare children to:
    - Uphold high standards of ethical, moral and civic conduct
    - To nurture life skills for future success
    - Foster confidence, cooperation and team work
    - Understand people of different communities through an appreciation of differences as well as similarities
    - To participate in extra curricular activities and community work.

    What exam boards is the school affiliated with?
    Gitanjali Devashray - CBSE

    Which Classes/Grades does the school offer?
    Gitanjali Devashray - Nursery through Class X

    What is the distinguishing feature of the education imparted by the school?
    Gitanjali has stood the test of time with a commitment to excellence in education. The Gitanjali System of Education, perfected over 30 years has been proven by our unmatched academic results. At the same time Gitanjali Schools build the life skills necessary for a child's success in a nurturing values based environment, so every Gitanjali student moves forward with confidence. Our schools with limited numbers of students and curriculum rich with co-curricular activities prioritize educational quality above all else. Our schools are committed to a smaller student population with available square footage per child on par with large international schools, offering personalized teaching and more participation opportunities.
    Children are encouraged to question and validate the learned concepts through interactive play, experimentation, activities and presentations that improve their understanding and reasoning skills. Each child is encouraged to develop skills that enable discovering, validating, communicating and applying concepts with clarity, accuracy and confidence and that is what enables our students to excel.

    What ratio of teacher-student is followed?
    Our staff-student ratio is 1:16. Our well-qualified and experienced staff put in exceptional efforts to bring out the best in the students. Innovative methods are continually absorbed into the system to enhance learning. The progress of each child is continuously followed up and monitored.

    What are the extra-curricular activities offered by the school?
    The school offers several extracurricular activities integrated within the regular school curriculum or as hobbies including Sports, Karate, Skating, Chess, Carrom board, Keyboard, Dramatics, Social Service club, Literature club, Science club, Home science, Indian and Western Dance, Pottery, Communication Skills development, computer education, art, library, moral education, creative writing, General Knowledge & Spelling Quiz competitions, Elocution competitions, music, Singing and Storytelling, STEM education, Newspapers in Education (NIE) among others.
    The facilities offered within the school campus – sports, internet/wifi, and canteens, medical, etc.
    Sporting activities offered in Gitanjali Schools include Basketball, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics Karate, Kho-Kho, Marching, Skating, Throwball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Yoga.  In addition to regular physical education activities for the younger classes the school includes the LEAPSTART and EduSport physical education curriculums. Children are given opportunities to participate in a wide range of Inter-House and Inter-School competitions which helps in fostering team spirit, healthy competition and sportsmanship. The schools conduct an annual sports day where students showcase their sporting activities for the parent community.
    The schools contain a well-equipped medical room with first aid facilities and each school is associated with a nearby doctor/clinic in the event of an emergency.  Medical checkups of all the children are conducted on a yearly basis.

    How many and what types of laboratories does the school provide?
    Learning is a process where knowledge and understanding are derived from and is constantly modified by the experiences a learner goes through. Experiential learning therefore plays a key role in our education today. The school has well equipped and safe science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Maths laboratories (NIIT), Computer laboratories, English laboratories, STEM learning centers (Creya), AV and Multimedia Rooms (School Cinema), Music and Art rooms. In addition several classroom in each campus are equipped with ICT facilities as required.
    Number of volumes available in the library – books/journals, number of magazines subscribed to. Any additional facilities in the library.
    Gitanjali Schools have 6 spacious libraries with trained librarians where children can read at ease. On average our libraries contain about 7 books per child. The libraries subscribe to children’s magazines and educational journals for enrichment of our students and staff. Encyclopedia’s and computers with internet access are available to support research activities. In addition, a digital library is available for students with relevant content posted by the subject teachers.

    What are some of the school’s academic/sports/cultural/CSR (community service) achievements?
    Our Director Mrs. Gita Karan is a recipient of the National Award for Best Teacher  in 2004 by our then President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Gitanjali Schools have been recognized consistently on a national level as a top ranked day school in India by the C-FORE/Education World survey, Education Today Magazine, Brainfeed Magazine, DigitalLEARNING magazine, Times of Inida, Outlook Magazine, Careers 360, School Brilliance among other surveys and rankings. Our students rank among the top scorers in board examinations in Telangana and AP. Over 80 percent of our students have consistently secured distinction marks in board exams year on year for the last 25 years. Our students have won awards at numerous Quiz competitions, Cultural programs and Sporting events. As a testament to Gitanjali Schools, our graduating students have attended the top universities in India and the world and are extremely successful in their careers.
    Gitanjali Schools also include special sections for mild to moderate mentally challenged children. The differently abled children are integrated into the regular stream as per their abilities with a focus on developing life skills and social integration. Students from Gitanjali Schools work with neighborhood government schools and special needs schools for community outreach activities.

    What type of teaching methods/pedagogies are followed?
    To excel in today’s fast moving, team oriented and remotely connected world our school helps students build the skills, values and confidence in both their personal and academic lives. For this we have developed our unique blend of systems and pedagogies. We build skills of enquiry and problem solving by encouraging divergent thinking through collaborative and cooperative activities. Visual, Audio and Experiential aided learning is encouraged through an integrated curriculum to cater to the multiple intelligences of our children. Our well educated and seasoned teachers are aware of the different systems in learning whether it is Blooms or Marzanos taxonomy and they attempt to integrate them into their teaching modules.

    Number of days spent annually on teacher training?
    Professional development of our staff is a priority with constant enrichment opportunities made available. The staff are kept abreast with the most effective and innovative methodologies in teaching. Throughout the year around 10 to 12 teacher training sessions are conducted for the staff. Teachers are given the freedom to innovate and encouraged to share best practices within the schools.

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